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Tim Campbell


My name is Tim Campbell and I'm a Phuket wedding celebrant with 6 years of experience marrying happy couples here on this beautiful tropical island in Thailand.

I'm from Canada and settled in Phuket about 10 years ago with my Kiwi wife Gina and our two children who were born here.


What is the process when we book you for a wedding?

First we check if I'm available on your wedding date. Then we can talk via Skype or email if you wish to before confirming. I collect a small deposit to lock in the date. Then I send you sample ceremonies which can be personalised. And you both fill out a questionnaire that only you see so I can add some more personal touches to your ceremony. Then we finalize the ceremony content including help with writing your vows if needed.

If you don't have a Phuket wedding planner I will prepare a timeline for you for the whole day which will help you stay calm and relaxed.

Once you arrive in Phuket we can meet before the big day to run through the ceremony details once more so you are confident and relaxed.

Can our children be involved in the ceremony?

Yes, we can do a sand pouring ritual which is popular. They can be in the bridal party as a flower girl, paige boy or ring bearer. There are many ways to make them feel special and a part of the wedding ceremony.

Can friends and family members be involved in the ceremony?

Yes, there are many parts of the ceremony that they can be a part of including walking the bride down the aisle, readings, blessings, songs, witnesses for the wedding certificate and as bridal party members.

How long is a ceremony usually?

On average 15 - 25 minutes depending on your vows and involvement of guests. It's very hot in Thailand so usually ceremonies are kept under 30 minutes.

Can you attend our rehearsal?

There is additional fee for attending a rehearsal if it's in the afternoon. No charge for morning rehearsal if it can be combined with our pre-wedding day meeting.

Do you do gay weddings?

Yes, I'm happy to do gay and lesbian weddings.

Do you do religious weddings?

I am happy to incorporate religious wording into your ceremony. If you need an actual priest or minister I can connect you with the right person here in Phuket too.

Do you do celebrity weddings?

Yes, I've had a few celebrity weddings (celebrities in their own country and I didn't know of them beforehand) and of course it's all kept private and confidential if the couple wish.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, if you are having a small, low budget wedding I am happy to consider your budget.

Can you arrange other services such as flowers?

Yes, I can send you a beautiful gallery of wedding bouquets with matching buttonholes to choose from. And also I have packages to set up flowers, archway & a beautiful customized ceremony. Also I can arrange your transportation, hair & make-up, photography & videography, entertainment, dinner or reception and more.

If you are booked already can you recommend another celebrant?

Yes, I'm connected with most of celebrants and we are happy to recommend each other.

Do you work outside of Phuket?

Yes, I'm happy to travel for work.


Can you speak Thai?

I can speak some Thai (and a little Korean & Chinese) and really should take some formal Thai language lessons. My sons can read, write and speak Thai much better than me (embarrassing really since they are 6 & 9 years old).

Where do your children go to school?

They attend an international school in Phuket. Their classes are in English except the Thai and Chinese language classes. It's a great school and community and we are blessed to be a part of it.

What is the best beach in Phuket?

We are lucky because there are so many. Ya Nui Beach in the south is a favorite and also it's hard to beat Surin Beach and also Layan Beach further up north.

How long did you live in Thailand?

We lived here for over 10 years now. We love life here and plan to stay here for the foreseeable future.